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Virtualization solutions

Virtualization has long been more than just a technical issue. The concept of virtualization  does not only cover one particular technology , but rather an approach .  Its about new  business models, using such tools and solutions that reduce existing operating costs , enables more efficient working, thereby supporting business development. Companies can pull resources together by virtualizing infrastructures and applications and become able to share the workload efficently.

Within the scope of our virtualization solutions, we are focused on more efficient and energy saving IT solutions . In our projects we simultaneously examine the efficiency, cost, and power consumption of IT systems during their lifecycle. If multiple applications can operate with less hardware , and applications can be  dynamically shared,  savings can be reached with the resources, the power and the energy costs aswell.

Virtualization products and solutions

Office 365

Az Office 365 a Microsoft felhőben lévő irodai munkát és üzleti folyamatokat támogató rendszere. Alapvetően a hagyományos Office elemek /Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote stb. mindegyikét tartalmazza, számos kiegészítő lehetőséggel. Az előfizetési csomagunktól függően komplett Office programot, dokumentumtárat, IP alapú telefon és videokonferencia rendszert, levelezési és weboldal létrehozási lehetőségeket is kaphatunk. Legegyszerűbben talán a nyilvános alkalmazások /Hotmail, Skype, Gmail/ működésével lehetne szemléltetni a cloud modellt. Internet böngésző segítségével lépünk be a saját, egyedi fiókunkba. 

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Mobiledevice management

Today, almost every company needs a mobility strategy. From a business perspective it has several advantages: mobile employees can have access to up to date information, can close deals and make decisions even when they are away from the office. Mobility challenges of the companies include a reaching Windows-based applications on mobile devices running operating systems such as iOS and Android and providing  the enterprise level calendar, e-mail and other applications instead of the basic versions of the native tools. The expedient  solution is to cover the entire set with supporting a heterogeneous device park.

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Server virtualization

Today,  the daily operation of companies is unimaginable without servers. The problem core of the problem is that several  server application needs to run simultaniously, so multiple computers are operating in parallel. The average utilization of these server computers is very low, so their operation is uneconomical. The essence of server virtualization is that on one phisical machine we run several virtual servers , so from the outside they can be seen as  separated machines. This is an  energy-saving and devices friendly solution, which can reduce operating costs, but it is possible to maintain the load level consistently high.

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Our Company

The main profile of Stark Solution Ltd. is designing and constructing virtualized systems, IT security solutions and online communication networks. Our skilled professional team is prepared to put  our customers ideas into reality.