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IT security and monitoring solutions

The accurate and reliable information is a key element of a successful business. Therefore, it is important that the capturing, processing and storaging of valuable information is properly protected. Today, most of the information embodied in electronic form and is closely connected to the IT systems. Therefore the safety of the IT system determines the safety of the  information. The vulnerability of computer systems not only threatens with financial losses, but  the disclosure of confidential and sensitive information may cause an even wider range of problems.

The information threthening incidents mainly come from outside the organization, but according to surveys,  the vast majority of damage on  information - intentional and unintentional - is done from inside. Lack of information protection can cause serious losses , IT risks clearly became a business risk by now. For proper information protection, the security of information must be handeled along a high level approved strategy with centralized management.


IT security and monitoring solutions

IT security

IT security is the  security of a computer system, where the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the managed information system is complete and continuous. The dangers  primarily threathens the confidentiality, integrity and availability of datas,  not directly targeting the data, but aiming through the system elements managing the datas. Through the necessary knowledge of the system components, the necessary security measures can be determined. However, the scope of protection measures are constantly changing due to the development of technology and the ever-changing threats.

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User monitoring

Every IT manager and IT Security Officer is aware nowadays, that the biggest threat to sensitive data stored in the information system, are the employees themselves. One type of protction against the leakage of business-critical data is monitoring of the users. The  essence of user  monitoring is that every action of the employees are kept under continuous surveillance and control. In case of various  events - eg. opening sensitive files - automated responses can be provided so that the unwanted data leakage can be prevented.

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Intrusion protection

When we talk about data security, we need to consider a wide range of risk set. We talk about a group of solutions that protects endpoints against data theft and data leakage. This solution set can contain protections against harmful viruses, spyware and spam as well as the use of mobile devices connected to the network, the data flowing through the USB drives or internal  restrictions of access to confidential data. A set of multi-layered, well-aligned solutions can significantly reduce the risk and provide  security to the owners of the business informations.

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Theft protection

When a notebook is stolen , the most painful for the user is losing their personal datas and work files. Of course the financial aspect of any incident it not the least , but a notebook can be replaced , but our files - especially if it is company confidential materials - only with difficulty, or not at all . Current solutions covers a very wide range,  from tracking softwares  - the ones that use the built-in camera and secretly sends pictures of the thief, while screen shots can be attached about the running applications – to the poison pill like - which makes the stolen laptop unable to boot, even after formatting it completly – solutions and all of them are very effective.

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