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Unified communications

The Unified Communication is a solution set that combines traditional forms of communication and integrates the used business applications , so  they can help to increase the efficiency of business processes. With the help of such tools it is possible to access the variable modes of communication from a single interface ( search the corporate directory , chat , e- mail, telephone, video conference , web conferencing ) – while working on a desktop, notebook or a mobile device . With the Unified Communication, not just a number of tools becomes available to make contact , but on the basis of partner availability, we will be able to choose the most appropriate device for communication.

E-mail , voice and video conferencing, chat , calendar, fax , presence information , collaboration  in a single, easy to use application - both on desktop PC and mobile device. The great advantage of unified communication is that it unites these previously separate systems and provides an easy  access to the features .

Communications products and solutions

Collaboration and teamwork

More and more tasks arise in the everyday work of companies, where continuous co-operation of employees in different geographical locations and different time zones are needed for the solution. The efficient cooperation, seamless communication, content sharing, and use of the common knowledge can be achived by enterprise level social networks, combining  teamwork with collaboration softwares. Such work environment can be formed, that supports the creation of a common content, community building, real-time content and knowledge sharing as well as the opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the employees.

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Video- and Audio Conference

Video and audio conferencing solutions allow discussion between the participants in several different locations across corporate networks or the Internet. Its a simple and effective solution for communication, collaboration,  presentation and content sharing. The conference solutions can make  communication between employees more efficient when they are working on  multiple locations or in distance from each other. Video and audio conferencing is also an excellent solution for business negotiations, where personal meeting is not possible. It allows you to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing travel costs.

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Communication and Messages

With the expansion of IP-based technologies, the separated corporate device fleet of the past can be melted down to one unified communication and messaging platform. Users have the option of using a computer, notebook or tablet as a phone, or as a video client, or to remotely control the desktop endpoint, so they can dial from the client, but use the handset for speaking. Real-time - such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, call control, speech recognition - and not real-time services - such as aa voice messaging, fax, email and instant messages - appear in one central location, so they are available anytime and anywhere. 

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Office applications

In  an enterprise there are usually two set of criteria colliding. The management would like to perform  their everyday work  faster, more efficently and with less risk, while IT operators want to serve this while  avoiding chaos and keeping costs low.  Information technology field can be developed to an area that will increase the strategic value of the company . To do so, the operators have to keep investigating  where they can assist the processes, and where it is possible,  not fullfill the modern needs with  fragmented systems and custom solutions. The evolvment of technology has reached a level, where centralized solutions can be operated effectively.

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Our Company

The main profile of Stark Solution Ltd. is designing and constructing virtualized systems, IT security solutions and online communication networks. Our skilled professional team is prepared to put  our customers ideas into reality.